110° The Flash "The Darkness and the Light" Review: Doppelganged Up On
After some franchise building that ranged from fine (Captain Cold) to pretty poorly executed (Jax and Firestorm)—not to mention a subtle bit of it this week—The Flash circled back to the matter of Earth Two (which is how the show is spelling it, thwarting my more preferred Earth-2 style; sadly, the Associated Press doesn't have a mention of this in the stylebook) and Zoom this week. It did so with not one but two visitors from Earth Two: Harrison "Harry" Wells (I'm calling him Harrison-2) and Doctor Light, who was neither Arthur Light nor Kimiyo Hoshi from the comics, but Linda Park-2! Yes! It was double the doppelgängers,and that meant there was plenty of fun and interesting things for the episode to explore, particularly to showcase just how much of a jerk Harrison-2 is... just before the episode nicely turned Harrison-2's attitude on its head.

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alycakes928d ago

I'm getting a little angry. I don't like this new Wells anymore than the first one and I really don't like the way they are taking the story either. I was hoping for a better storyline this season and bringing Wells back wasn't part of it. I really don't think he needs to be part of it and he's really annoying.