The Walking Dead Rises In the Ratings Again

CB: The dead continue to rise.

This Sunday's Morgan-centric episode of The Walking Dead marked the second straight week of a rise in ratings for AMC's hit show. The extended 90-minute episode pulled in an audience of 13.3 million total viewers with 8.6 million of those being in the key 18-49 demographic, at a 6.8 rating.

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Aldous_Snow962d ago

Awesome. But how do they know how old and how many of that age is watching though. It's all bollocks to me. Will never understand it.

Soldierone962d ago

They select people to represent a certain group.

If this was from Nieson Ratings then they have a "family" and track what each group watches. If the 16 year old watches TWD then that tells them 40k 16-18 year olds watched that show. Then you times that by how many families they have and watched the show.

Other ones are simple surveys and they do the same thing. 1 person represents thousands of people in the same group. I took a survey and it said I represented 60k people of my age group, ethnicity, and region.

OJSoFunky962d ago

Good or bad Walking Dead will always be huge.

Soldierone962d ago

What I don't like about these is that they make it seem like it's the current episode that makes the ratings go up. Like everyone knew what would happen to Glenn suddenly tuned in....

I bet ratings slump a tiny bit next week because a lot of people found the Morgan episode boring as hell.

aDDicteD961d ago

I watched it just to see if Glenn survived but I was also surprised how good the last episode was, I have mixed feelings about walking dead some episodes are good, some were not, the show is entertaining but it's getting too long and the comics version is superior in comparison, in respect with its success in ratings their is nothing surprising because it has a very wide target market of audience and the earlier seasons were good even though season 4 and 5 are more of a mixed bag of good, bad or mediocre episodes.