New Batman V Superman Synopsis Reveals An Interesting 'Lex Luthor' Twist


The plot of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is understandably a well guarded secret, but a new plot synopsis from a UK theater chain does appear to shed some light on how the story will play out in regards to the machinations of the villainous Lex Luthor.

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WizzroSupreme871d ago

Wow, mind blown. I didn't even know Lex Luthor was in this movie.

RetrospectRealm871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

"Wow, mind blown. I didn't even know Lex Luthor was in this movie."

Uhhhhhh dude... you just commented about Lex on my article 8 days ago.

Aldous_Snow871d ago

PSML every post counts I suppose

DarkBlood871d ago

@Retro maybe hes trying to win the next contest or something :p

Count_Bakula870d ago

I mean, since we're getting this Lex, I wish he wasn't in it at all.

OJSoFunky870d ago

Sounds accurate, obviously there will be a lot more, surprised that Lex is so prominent in the film.

Spiewie 870d ago

Can't wait to see what they do with Lex in this movie, great character and a great actor to represent him.