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80° Gotham "Mommy's Little Monster" Review: Fly Little Birdie, Fly
I told you Momma Cobblepot wasn't long for this world.

Penguin's ill-fated siege against Galavan's prison hit the expected snag when Butch found himself free of Victor Zsasz's conditioning and—surprise!—led Penguin into a trap that even Admiral Ackbar would have seen coming. Don't fall apart on me, Gotham. It's been fun so far. I'm starting to fret though. For all the good that "Mommy's Little Monster" had: Nygma losing control of his inner Riddler, Gordon finally wising the hell up to Galavan's antics, and literally every moment Penguin was on the screen; there were some definite steps back. Bruce works best in small doses or when paired with Alfred. His inept attempts at pimply adolescent romance paired with his inherent inability to emote properly are not the stuff of TV greatness. I'll take Jada Pinkett Smith gnawing on the scenery again over this kind of misery.

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alycakes985d ago

I know Penguin is not a good person but I actually felt sorry for him last night when they killed his mother. He really loved her and it showed on his face when they killed her.