Tom Holland Shows Off His Spider-Man Physique And 'Ultimate Peter Parker' Haircut

CBM: A new photo from Tom Holland on Instagram reveals just how much the actor has transformed since being cast as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, while it's also worth noting that the British actor is sporting a haircut very similar to that of the Ultimate version of Peter Parker...

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-Foxtrot987d ago

Why do they feel like they need to buff up, he doesn't look like a kid who would get bullied and picked on...someone who was quiet and hardly noticed

Main thing someone like Toby got right

Let me guess they going to slap some big hipster glasses on him to make him a "geek"

Aldous_Snow987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

I'll leave these here. Please keep moaning, it makes you look even sillier.

-Foxtrot987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

They didn't make him look buff until he became Spider-Man. They hid it really well early on

As for the glasses he actually suits them compared to Garfield

No but opinions....keep being a douche and telling people that they are silly

DoomeDx986d ago

"They didn't make him look buff until he became Spider-Man."

Wait what. Your comment makes no sense anymore.

RetrospectRealm987d ago

Toby was buff. You don't remember the scene with him flexing in the mirror? Plus having him not buff does not make any sense physically.

Sashamaz986d ago

That scene had context spider bite gives you muscles and that.

Aldous_Snow987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

This is for Civil War. He already is Spiderman. You keep moving those goalposts..

And I'm not telling people. I'm just telling you. :)

RetrospectRealm987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

Seriously dude, just admit you're wrong. Tobey was not buff in the beginning of the film, then he got buff AFTER he was bit and got his powers. That scene in the mirror is AFTER he was bit.

It's Ok to be wrong. :)

masso9112987d ago

they'll give him some baggy clothes ast first, so his muscles aren't obvious... anyways he is not buff at all, he is just ripped, like spider-man should be

Stringerbell986d ago

Pretty much this. Show me a comic cover where Spidey doesn't have muscles.

More so to be real, muscle development kinda uhhh takes time? Whats easier for the film production, flabby actor from the get go and then you have to halt production so he can gain muscle mass?

Or put him in some baggy clothes as you said? Hmmm....

AntiZeal0t986d ago

He's most likely already going to be Spiderman at the beginning of the film. Didn't they already say there would be no origin story?

freshslicepizza986d ago

"Please keep moaning,"

he must know that he is such a half empty glass kinda guy. i guess whatever it takes to draw attention.

foxtrot complained about the casting choice saying he is too young even though peter parker is young. now he's complaining about being buff even though he is still 110 pounds.

i will never understand why being negative 90% of the time is necessary

KwietStorm986d ago

You have an opinion for EVERYTHING on this domain, foxtrot. EVERYTHING. And 98% of the time you're complaining. People are tired of it. It's not about just having a different opinion. You're just always whining or criticizing about something.

uncharted56986d ago

well considering he will will be playing spiderman he needs to bulk up. seriously dude say something positive for once

Giru017986d ago

Well, they could always pull a Captain America and make him scrawny. Though from what I understand, there's no origin, so he'll be spiderman from the start, in which case him being buff-er makes a little more sense.

As for the real reason, sex sells and marvel has been very transparent with their BUFF NO SHIRT policy for male characters, so there's always that.

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Porcelain_Chicken987d ago

Buff Tobey or blah blah Garfield aside.... ^^^^^ It's nice to see Mr. Holland here putting in some work. I can almost see a bit of Peter in him already.

OJSoFunky987d ago

Haven't seen Holland in much, hoping that he kills this role, want him around as Spidey for a long time.

Soldierone986d ago

That haircut reminds me of the 90's spider-man more than anything.

ZombieGamerMan986d ago

he actually looks like Peter Parker

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