Heroes Reborn "June 13th – Part One" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “June 13th – Part One” hits the ground running, picking up where “Game Over” left off and quickly establishing the parameters of the episode: Noah and Hiro only have three hours to investigate and prevent the bombing of the Odessa peace summit, without stepping on, as Hiro puts it, “too many butterflies.” There are familiar faces galore, from bit player Stevens to Heroes alum Angela Petrelli, and the entire affair pushes forward at an engaging clip. It’s energetic from its opening shot, swooping in on the summit from the point of view of the flying man Noah and Joanne killed in the series premiere. Some of the sloppiness that plagued earlier episodes is present—the insert shot of the cover page of Mohinder’s research is about as blatant as an insert shot can be—but it’s surrounded by scenes with a clear purpose, and it’s remarkable how big of a difference this makes.

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