Once Upon A Time "The Bear And The Bow" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I’m having trouble with Merida’s entry into OUAT season five because I’m just not that invested in the character. Not that she isn’t a plucky little heroine—oh God, she’s plucky!—but because her own backstory and mythology doesn’t offer us a lot. Snow is now a terrible character, but her story was always rich with possibilities: the apple, the mirror, the queen, the hunter, even the dwarves. Everyone knows that story, even if they don’t know they know it. But if you didn’t check out Brave in the theater a few summers ago—which you might not have done unless you were a small child or had a small child yourself— you would have no idea where there are bears running around all over the place this episode. Snow White = huge legacy to draw from; Brave = not so much.

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