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AVClub: A show like Homeland, which dramatizes current geopolitical issues, can’t just tell a story inspired by its of-the-moment themes. Whether or not the writers mean to make a statement or present the show as an argument about counterterrorism, the show comes across that way, which is why it becomes a target for people who take issue with the statement it’s making. With new subject matter comes new grand pronouncements about the state of the world, and “Better Call Saul” solidifies the ideas that the earlier episodes of the season only hinted at. The argument of season five appears to be that the Edward Snowdens and Chelsea Mannings of the world are doing more harm than good, and good men and women are dying as a result.

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WizzroSupreme989d ago

Ah, thought that Bob Odenkirk was up for a crossover for a second. Darn.