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AVClub: Alan Sepinwall’s HitFix interview with Damon Lindelof prior to the start of season two, was fascinating and illuminating, but also slightly misleading. The headline is pulled from a larger quote about how Lindelof couldn’t discern whether his own depression gave The Leftovers its dour tone or vice-versa, and how he and director Peter Berg traveled to Newtown, Connecticut to immerse themselves in a community dealing with unconscionable loss. Even though Lindelof stressed that he wasn’t considering season two a reboot of The Leftovers, the quotes about the show’s depressing tone suggested they were written when Lindelof was in a state of mind he no longer occupies. Obviously the world post-Sudden Departure isn’t going to be a cheery utopia, but between Lindelof talking like he’d outrun the storm cloud and the relocation to Miracle, I expected something lighter in tone.

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WizzroSupreme986d ago

Sounds like one heck of a series.

OJSoFunky986d ago

I'm watching the series now, a few episodes behind, its absolutely fantastic.