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Theater Chains Banning Star Wars Masks, Weapons For Force Awakens Screenings


Star Wars fans might consider lightsabers to be elegant weapons for a more civilized age, but glowing swords won’t be welcome at hundreds of theaters showing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and neither will masks or face paint.

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WizzroSupreme985d ago

It makes perfect sense to me. Safety first, as they always say. And they're not outright banning costumes altogether, which is great.

RetrospectRealm985d ago

What kind of costume doesn't have a mask besides Princess Leia? Now we can't come as Darth Vader or Boba Fett.

Soldierone985d ago

A Jedi.

i'm also sure some establishments will allow you to put on a mask at some point, you just can't walk in with one on for safety reasons. At least have it off long enough for security footage to capture your face.

Soldierone985d ago

It's one thing I'm excited for, to see all the costumes. I remember this happened with the last Batman. We had the Joker walk in and he was not only in full costume, but full character it was rather neat. (he was considerate and quiet during the movie though)

HRoach616984d ago

I have my entire sith outfit prepared and ready to go sitting next to my ultrasaber and 8 VIP tickets. I was gonna rock a mask I have. But now I'm thinking of doing makeup instead just in case. Ill leave my saber in my car if it comes down to it.
Effin stoked for this movie.

OJSoFunky984d ago

Its a shame we have to live like this, but after whats happened it completely makes sense.

Obamacare984d ago

Almost bought a custom light saber.