Who Did It Better, 17 Superhero Casting Decisions


These days, it seems that comic book adaptations are the hottest thing on screen. Geeks everywhere are celebrating as Marvel and DC continue to pump out newer, bigger and better live-action superhero films and series than ever before! Both of these comic book giants are creating complex, interconnected worlds where all of our favorite characters are brought to life… sometimes, more than once.

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-Foxtrot988d ago

Charlie Cox

Michael Keaton

Tobey Maguire

Michelle Pfeiffer (Bicondova...really?)

Jennifer Lawrence

Mark Ruffalo

Christopher Reeve

Thomas Jane

Justin Hartley (If I had to choose)

Ioan Gruffudd (No competition)

Chris Evans (Obviously)

Jessica Alba (Seeing a pattern yet)

Michael Chiklis

Sir Patrick Stewart

Ellen Page

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Evan had one good scene...ONE)

Katie Cassidy