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Want to Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2 Days Early? Just Fly to France

If you missed out on Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets and you don't have a strange hatred of France, you could watch the premier two days early.

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GigawattConduit988d ago

*sigh* Time to brush up on my French and learn how to fly a plane...

PerfidiousSinn988d ago

Now I have to avoid spoilers from my French friends for two days...

Stringerbell988d ago

Yeah, the majority of my twitter feed is in French, gonna have to keep off it for those two days.

Aldous_Snow988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

There's no way I'll be watching this for at least a couple weeks after release. Be waiting for the hype to die down so don't have to sit in a jammed cinema with all the chubby nerds in the front row wearing a chewy mask, crunching on extra large popcorn and slurping on their 20 super sized slushy drinks the entire way through.

I'll bide my time and wait lol

RosweeSon987d ago

I'll just wait for my midnight showing at local cinema late 16th very early 17th 00:01 haha, can't wait! If they made Star Trek watchable (the 2 newish remakes that were pretty awesome) this new Star Wars is gonna be truly epic.

MasterD919987d ago

Somewhere in the world is one person who will do this...

As for myself, I'll hold off until the crowds disperse. I'll see a 10 o'clock pm showing on a Sunday.