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‘Walking Dead’, Still Trolling, Drops Steven Yeun From Main Credits

The show might be about zombies, but AMC’s The Walking Dead is apparently just as expert in trolls.

One week after the apparent death of fan-favorite character Glenn, actor Steven Yeun was removed from the opening credits on tonight’s episode. Despite this, series producers still refuse to just say plainly whether or not the character has actually been killed off permanently.

The October 25 episode ended with Glenn seemingly torn to shreds as he was swarmed by the undead. However, the fateful moment was shot ambiguously enough that the zombies could have been tearing through the innards of another character who died moments before the fade to credits. The Walking Dead producer Scott Gimple further muddied the waters with a statement released after the episode aried: “In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story.” Um… thanks?

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alycakes988d ago

Yea! Somebody explain that away.

Aldous_Snow988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

General rule of thumb.. If you do not see them die, then they're not dead.

Which is why The Guv'nor May or May not make a return because even though he was on the receiving end of Michonnes katana, you didn't see his body after he apparently got shot afterwards by that woman whose name I can't remember. It's a stretch I know, but stranger things have happened.

Never trust off screen "deaths".

Soldierone987d ago

It's a really bad troll by the producers. Not many people were probably going to talk about the Morgan episode, so they go pull this stunt real fast to keep buzz.

1 The frame his name appears is still there, his name is just gone.
2 They never removed other people from the credits when they died.
3 They already admitted he will be back in "some form" so that means he is still a part of the show.

It's nothing more than a perky marketing blitz and it seems to have worked. Unless contract disputes come up between Yeun and the team, then this means nothing.

OJSoFunky987d ago

Its going to be so annoying when Glenn returns, they're really trollling us, but its not smart its infuriating.