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‘Arrow’/’Constantine’ Crossover Episode “Haunted” Leaked Online

In a move that might make Alan Moore’s working class warlock smile, a rough cut of this week’s Arrow episode, “Haunted,” was uploaded to torrent sites last night, three days before it’s set to air on the CW. The episode features Matt Ryan reprising the role of John Constantine, central character of the show of the same name which ran for 13 episodes on NBC during the 2014-15 season. As of this morning the leaked episode has been downloaded more than 11,000 times according to sites that track piracy. The source of the leak is unknown, but screeners were sent to TV critics in advance, and the torrented video contains the anti-piracy warning included on all such screeners.

The episode is the end result of an ultimately unsuccessful campaign to save Constantine, cancelled by NBC in May owing to dismal ratings in its Friday night time slot. The show managed to attract a dedicated fanbase that included Arrow star Stephen Amell, who publicly declared he would guest star if it was picked up by another network. When that effort failed, Amell lobbied hard to bring the character to Arrow in some capacity.

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alycakes993d ago

I was hoping it would save Constatine too. It didn't belong on NBC or any of the other local channels. It belongs on the CW, syfy or FX, TNT. Maybe he can become a regular visitor on the Arrow.

RetrospectRealm992d ago

Or maybe he can join Legends Of Tomorrow?

vanethe992d ago

I wish it would get revived , sure the first few eps were mot good but it was getting better.
I liked Constantine a lot more than Arrow.

alycakes991d ago

I don't like it better but it was as good and it was getting better with each episode.

OJSoFunky992d ago

Sucks that it leaked, hopefully the ratings will still be good.

alycakes992d ago

I think they will be. You'd be surprised how many people will still watch no matter what they see out there online.