‘Six Billion Dollar Man’ To Be Better, Stronger, In Theaters December 2017

The upcoming movie remake of 1970s sci-fi/action TV series The Six Million Dollar Man — adjusted for inflation, of course — now has a release date. TWC-Dimension has announced that The Six Billion Dollar Man, starring Mark Wahlberg as the cybernetic hero, will hit theaters December 22, 2017.

As with the 1973-78 ABC series that starred Lee Majors, the film follows Col. Steve Austin, a military officer (and NASA Astronaut on the original show). Injured in a catastrophic accident, Austin is rebuilt with cybernetic parts by a top-secret government program, giving him super speed and strength along with other built-in abilities, with which he fights bad guys.

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OJSoFunky992d ago

They're remaking everything now!

WizzroSupreme991d ago

Mark Wahlberg ain't worth $6 billion. Sorry.