IGN The Walking Dead: "Here's Not Here" Review

Whoa. Still shaking here.

Now that was stunning. One could certainly argue about the timing and placement of "Here's Not Here," considering the controversial "death" from last week's episode and the way showrunner Scott Gimple possibly under-anticipated the amount of buzz it would create from those who were able to spot the subterfuge. But I don't think that takes away from this superb chapter and the performances of both Lennie James (read our interview with him about tonight's episode) and John Carroll Lynch (who was spectacular here playing the exact opposite of the psychos he's now portrayed on two seasons of American Horror Story).

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alycakes931d ago

I myself was disappointed that it was all about Morgan. I wanted to know about Glen and they had said that we would know something in the 90 minute Walking Dead this week and it turned out to be all about Morgan.

Soldierone930d ago

If I'm not mistaken, didn't IGN give the last episode an 8 or something?

I have a whole bunch of friends that love TWD, over half of them said they didn't even finish this episode. My girlfriend watched it before me and told me to not even bother (I did anyways) but I can see why.

It seems any time TWD has an action packed episode reviewers like this auto degrade it because "that is not needed."