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The Walking Dead – Here’s Not Here Review | CGM

Jordan Writes: Part of my biggest problem with The Walking Dead is that for the past 4 seasons, it’s really struggled to be interesting (or at the very least entertaining). It’s a far cry from the first season that was packed with believable human drama, decent action and some seriously intense moments where the zombies actually felt like a greater threat.

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Soldierone987d ago

Being honest this is what I didn't want.

slight spoiler

I knew this was going to happen, a full episode of his life long journey, but I was so desperately hoping that it was just the beginning of the episode like it was for the girl....

It's not that episodes like this are bad, they are just misplaced. Why do you have a slow "boring" episode like this right after a hectic ride? Makes no sense to me. It's like a movie building to it's climax, and then jumping back to the beginning to break the momentum. "Super friggin cool scene, bad guy is about to confront the good guy and.... oh by the way, this is why the bad guy is bad, we forgot to tell you, anyway back to that climax...."

This episode should have been blended into 2 or 3, not right after Glenn potentially dying.... It just makes it seem dull and uninteresting because at this point in time we dont care about Morgan, we did 4 episodes ago, but right now we want to see Glenn and rick....

SmielmaN986d ago

I enjoyed the episode much more than I thought I would, tbh. Yes it was very dif from the last 2 episodes but it at least gave a pretty darn good reason for Morgan's refusal to kill. I like how you can see that Morgan is still deeply troubled whether he's in Clear mode or No Death mode. He takes it to the extreme and isn't able to tell when he really shouldn't be killing someone or when he really should kill some (i.e.: end of the episode). I will not be happy if the end of the episode has tragic results. I'm really getting annoyed with Morgan's decisions having terrible results for the group.

Soldierone986d ago

Yeah, like I said it wasn't a bad episode. What was bad is the timing. This episode would be 10 times better if it appeared right after Morgan returned, then you wouldn't be so confused when he refused to kill people during the attack.

Instead they decided to use all the episodes to build towards something and then randomly go back to Morgan.... They could have even done it as the first episode back from the break too.

SmielmaN986d ago

Totally agree. Strange timing of the episode. I hope glen got his ass in the dumpster. And rick, well, he's rick. He will be fine :)

Dee_91986d ago

If you havent seen the last few episodes why are you here?? lol

"Makes no sense to me."

Its just the producers playing with our emotions and building hype. The moment Morgan returned, I wanted to know what happened after Clear. But in comparison to what happened to Glenn, I could give two s#its about what happened to Morgan lol. It was a great episode nonetheless. It wasn't a slow episode, just slow compared to the previous episode.

Soldierone985d ago

Exactly. When he came back is when we cared. This episode would have been totally awesome to follow that up, and would make perfect sense. Then you can jump from that to the build they created over the past 3 episodes.

Instead they don't do that, create that build, and then break it by jumping back to this. Honestly who thought a slow episode like this was a great idea right after Glenn dies?

They have done this the past few seasons. I remember the prison attack, then the next episode is the Governor walking for 60 minutes.....

WizzroSupreme987d ago

So glad that Lennie James is back. Sorry that he's probably going to be the only one that survives this series at this rate.

dota2champion986d ago

This episode was so long and boring. I don't care what happen in the past, I only care about what's going on now

mafiahajeri986d ago

So wait a second, your telling me this 40 something year old obvious deciple of sensi Steven Seagal couldn't side step and save himself? He had no problem outmatching a guy that had a fully automatic Assault rifle with a stick. I just don't get it, maybe he was hungry and wasn't himself and needed a Snickers bar?

*sigh* your drunk Walking Dead go home...


This was no time for a "backstory" episode, let alone one that drags on for an hour and a half. Its not that it was a bad episode but the instant it started we knew we wouldnt be getting the resolution to current events and it kind of bummed everybody out, and ruined what could have been a good episode if it was sequenced better.

Bass_fisherman986d ago

the backstory eps was great imo this was an actual story rather than a few random kills and some lame dialog with secondary chars that we all know that are going to die soon.