The Weekend No-Brainer (Numero Dieci aka. No.10) - George Clooney's Face, Darth Vader - Screenhall

Screenhall - Halloween is behind us. And you either spent it at a party, trick or treating or watching a couple of horror classics. Halloween and weekends are synonymous with relaxation, rest and having a good time. But also with cleaning up.

So when you will be getting a rest from all the fun from clean-up why not take five inthe company of the good ol’ internet.

The Weekend No-Brainer brings you exactly that, a collection where you can chill out and have a laugh. Over the week several behind the scenes stories, celebrity news, rumors and mash ups pile up and perhaps you didn’t get around to read/watch them. Well now you can find them all in one place.

So kick back, relax and read through!

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