Supergirl Pilot Review l Film Takeout

"Just like Superman, Kara never had to suffer through the adoption process or the horrors of foster care. Thanks to her big cousin, she was immediately adopted by the Danvers family, and has since grown up with her older adopted sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh) who has always told her to hide her powers (jealous, maybe?) and settle for being a “normal teenager,” minus the part about being normal (no zits for you)."

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WizzroSupreme934d ago

Wow, loved the pilot myself. Had all the old-school charm and heart a lot of superheroes are too eager to leave behind. Supergirl enjoys itself as much as the Flash does with a woman in the driver's seat. And none of that's a bad thing.

sagesurge934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

aside from the acting and the writing, which is atrocious