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The Last Kingdom "Episode 4" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I mentioned in my review of last week’s episode that one of the reasons The Last Kingdom is succeeding in a market full of historical dramas is that there’s an attention paid to character that’s rewarding each and every week. Whereas so many shows of this ilk focus on violence, period detail, and the inevitable backdoor dealing and backstabbing that come with all of that, The Last Kingdom is more interested in how all of those things provide insight into these characters. No decision or action is employed without considering what it means for that character and the effect it will have on numerous others. That kind of storytelling is not only captivating because it adds a richness and depth to the story, but also because it turns every single small, seemingly innocuous moment on this show into a moment of insight and significance. The Last Kingdom doesn’t coast from one battle to the next; the true conflict lies in those quiet moments, in the time before swords and ideologies clash.

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