Ash Vs. Evil Dead "El Jefe" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s fitting that Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin’” cracks open Ash Vs. Evil Dead. The seventh and final anthem on the English outfit’s landmark 1972 LP, Machine Head, is a misanthropic sci-fi adventure that came at a time when rock ’n’ roll was all about misanthropic sci-fi adventures (see: David Bowie, Pink Floyd). Singer Ian Gillan brags about “[having] a lot of luck on Venus” and “[dancing] around with Borealice,” later cheering how “pony trekker led the way” toward a “canaveral moon stop” where “every naut would dance and sway.” Blame it on Gillan’s jovial conviction or Ian Paice’s breathless percussion, but the song remains a dumb and addicting thrill ride decades later. The same could be said of Sam Raimi’s cult horror franchise and Bruce Campbell’s blue collar anti-hero, Ashley “Ash” Williams.

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