120° Grimm Season 5 Premiere Review: The Replacements
Grimm's appropriately timed Season 5 premiere is upon us at long last! And it.... didn't suck exactly, but it left something to be desired. A coherent plot, mostly. Also: special effects that aren't unintentionally hilarious. WTF, Grimm.

The last two seasons of Grimm have been great and, occasionally, phenomenal. NBC's Friday night champ has repeatedly proven that if you air it, nerds will come, and what started out as a twisted take on classic fairytales and legends evolved into a genuinely interesting, fully rendered fantasy world tangled hopelessly in our own. Mermaids tackled domestic abuse while werewolves talked addiction and our resident monster-slayer got everyone to sing kumbaya and hug it out. Good stuff. Grimm even managed to make professional damsel Juliette into a compelling character...

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alycakes965d ago

This was a very interesting but annoying episode. I can't wait until next week though because I just want them to find Trubel so something will start to make sense and they will start to believe Nick.

gunnerforlife965d ago

Believe him about what exactly? Did I miss something?

alycakes964d ago

I still think they doubt him about some of his story about what happened. When they went to where Chavez took them they still didn't find anything really.

gunnerforlife958d ago

but didn't she confirm to them about what he was saying was right after he kidnapped her?

alycakes957d ago

Now they're believing him but they weren't at first.