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10 Most Underrated HBO Shows


With now-iconic shows like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, The Wire, and Sex and the City on its resume, HBO Entertainment has become synonymous with quality television programming. However, when measuring its productions against the gold standard it has established for the rest of the premium cable TV landscape, some HBO shows have unsurprisingly fallen short, while others have simply failed to get noticed.

With our list of 10 Most Underrated HBO Shows, we intend to shine a spotlight on the series that are most deserving of more attention and more praise. Some of them were forgotten over time, some ended unceremoniously and others might have had too narrow an appeal, but we celebrate them all here. See our list below!

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-Foxtrot988d ago

Bored to Death...what a show

Ted Danson was fantastic in it

Still waiting on that movie

thorstein986d ago

Lucky Louis was great. Can't believe he only got one season from HBO.

FX version is excellent. I'd still subscribe to HBO if he was still on.