Dan Aykroyd Says New Ghostbusters Might Be A Little Better Than The First Two

CB: Next Summer, the world will meet the brand-new Ghostbusters, and while the genderswapping had some hardcore fans in a tizzy, the movie is getting some major endorsement from the brainchild of the original himself: Dan Aykroyd.

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RetrospectRealm870d ago

I realize they aren't supposed to trash talk the film because it'll come out soon, but I'd rather they just not talk about it at all than get our hopes up like this.

-Foxtrot870d ago

"but I'd rather they just not talk about it at all than try to hype up the film by talking bullshit they were obviously paid to say."


freshslicepizza869d ago

how dare they market a movie before its released.

"i will continue to feed the forums with my overly pessimistic views and negative tone because that is the only way i cannot be sucked into the hype"

fixed that for you

Porcelain_Chicken870d ago

Weird description of it's quality. "Might Be A Little Better". Sounds so unsure lol.

Aldous_Snow870d ago

MIGHT be a little better meaning it WILL be alot worse.

-Foxtrot870d ago

Everytime these guys talk it reminds me of this


freshslicepizza869d ago

every time i see your comments i always think of this image of the person on the right

-Foxtrot869d ago

Everytime I see you and your comments I see this

Aldous_Snow869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

Pmsl moldy, made me chuckle

Lord_Sloth869d ago

^ You have that backwards, Foxtrot. You're the poster always making people miserable. Cheer up, you woke up today and the movies nobody is forcing us to watch cannot harm us, I assure you. Just don't watch it.

Pillsbury1869d ago

It might be good but it also might not, it's a completely different type of movie.

We all need to calm the F down and see it first.

Porcelain_Chicken869d ago

You mean judge something not with preconceived notions of what it should've been or could've been or just plain ol' fanboyism but based on the quality of the content itself?!

Eh. I dunno. Sounds crazy. Get your logic out of here man! What's next, RESPECTING each other?! Pfft.


OJSoFunky869d ago

It'll probably be better than the sequel, it would be great if its as good as the original, i think that it'll be a fun time.

StarWarsFan869d ago

Saying that almost trashes the originals. I don't know if I've ever heard such a comment made in relation to previous films in the same franchise. Maybe they've already seen a rough cut and are jumping to try to market it as best as possible before actual footage starts getting released and looking bad on its own.

deadpoolio316869d ago

Or...Or get this, i know its crazy talk simple minded people don't get...Maybe just maybe its actually good

StarWarsFan869d ago

Maybe it's good, but is it better than the first two. That's a bold statement.

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The story is too old to be commented.