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IGN | 'Blunt Talk: Season 1' Review


Blunt Talk is undoubtedly one of the best new comedies to premiere in 2015. I hesitate to call it a “vehicle” for Patrick Stewart because of its admirable commitment to its supporting cast and their characters – not to mention amazing guest-stars like Jason Schwartzman, Ed Begley Jr., Moby, and John Hodgman – but it is indeed a fine comedic showcase for the once-and-future sci-fi icon.

Though there a couple of characters that could use a tune up and the finale was a bit disappointing in the context of an otherwise fantastic season, Blunt Talk retains the patented Jonathan Ames quirk, charm, and sentimentality that was so endearing on Bored to Death. Blunt Talk: Season 1 is a confident, hilarious debut for a show that will hopefully deliver many more laughs (and tears) in the years to come.

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WizzroSupreme987d ago

So glad to see good 'ole Sir Pat Stewart get into comedy. The man's brilliant!