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Gotham: Silver St. Cloud Threatens Selina & Penguin Begs In Mommy’s Little Monster Clips

CB: Fox has released three more clips from Monday's episode of Gotham: “Rise of the Villains: Mommy’s Little Monster.”

Bruce Wayne introduces his new friend Silver St. Cloud to his oldpal Selina Kyle. He exits the room leaving the two girls alone and that is when St. Cloud threatens future-Catwoman to stay away from Bruce. In the second clip, Nygma wakes up and is informed by his other half that Kringle's body has been taken care of while he was asleep. Lastly, Penguin finds out the hard way that he no longer controls Butch.

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WizzroSupreme990d ago

Silver St. Cloud's raining on Selina's parade? You're gonna get one angry kitty with that strategy.

OJSoFunky990d ago

Heard Season 2 is real good, might need to catch up!