Stephen King's 11.22.63 Gets A Premiere Date, Photos Released

CB: The next Stephen King adaptation is off his book 11.22.63. One part political thriller, one part science fiction love story, the book will be presented as a nine-part limited series exclusively on Hulu. Today, Hulu announced the series will premiere on February 15, 2016, Presidents Day. They confirmed to that the show will air on a weekly basis, not be released in a full season format.

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OJSoFunky932d ago

Fairly interested in this, hope they bring it to the UK, not sure how it'lll work with it being on Hulu.

RetrospectRealm932d ago

I haven't read the book, but anything regarding JFK and how he was killed has always intrigued me. And it's based off a Stephen King so it has to be at least a little good. Right?

WizzroSupreme931d ago

Probably gonna be a really confusing marketing campaign when it's about a November dated story in February, haha.