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CB: I’ll be honest, I’m not the world’s biggest Evil Dead fan. I enjoyed the movies, saw them once, maybe twice, and that was it. They were part of my life, I dug them, but I didn’t become obsessed like I have my many personal fandoms.

Well, Ash vs Evil Dead may change all that, if the pilot is any indication. The perfect balance of horror and comedy, of camp and action, of new and old; this show will make this franchise my new obsession.

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RetrospectRealm995d ago

Oh my god. A+??? I'm definitely going to have to check this out ASAP.

Aldous_Snow995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Just watched the 1st episode. It was stupid, cheesey and over the top ridiculousness - I loved it!!

Anyone know how many episodes there are?

RetrospectRealm995d ago

10 episodes for Season 1. It was already renewed for a Season 2 though.

Aldous_Snow994d ago

Cool. I hope it stays as silly as the 1st episode and doesn't veer off in a wierd direction

WizzroSupreme994d ago

The ads looked fantastic. Hope the real deal is too.