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Screenrant | 'Burnt' Review


Burnt, as scripted by Oscar-nominee Steven Knight (Eastern Promises, Pawn Sacrifice) and based on a screen story by Michael Kalesniko (Iron Sky), is an engaging and compelling piece of storytelling during the scenes where it examines the creative, yet nerve-wracking and extremely demanding nature of the chef profession – thanks to the involvement of the real-life chefs who consulted on the movie (more on them later). However, similar to other films about the culinary world that have been released in recent years (see Jon Favreau’s Chef and Pixar’s Ratatouille), Burnt largely focuses on its protagonist’s various relationships and how they affect or reflect his art – and it’s with this aspect that the movie falls flat.

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OJSoFunky989d ago

This films been getting very mediocore reviews

WizzroSupreme988d ago

Guess Cooper got burned with this one.