Gotham Casts BD Wong as Hugo Strange

Fox’s hit TV series Gotham adds another top-tier villain to their line-up in Hugo Strange. Playing the sadistic psychiatrist yet brilliant mastermind in his humble beginnings is BD Wong. According to USA Today, Strange is hired to run the fabled prison, Arkham Asylum.

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OJSoFunky992d ago

Guy's starting to get a ton of work after Jurassic World!

Aldous_Snow992d ago

Didnt even realise it was him until you said that as not familar with his name.

RetrospectRealm992d ago

He was in Mr. Robot but he was cast before Jurassic World. Only other thing besides Gotham that he'll have been in after Jurassic World is The Space Between Us. I wouldn't call that "a ton of work".

OJSoFunky992d ago

It's because i just watched Mr Robot and madam secretary which he was in.

WizzroSupreme991d ago

Remember him from my childhood days of watching Slappy and the Stinkers on home video. The guy's sure gotten a career boost since then.