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All-Female ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ In The Works Starring Sandra Bullock, With Gary Ross Directing

Indie Wire: The burgeoning creative partnership between George Clooney and Sandra Bullock that yielded this weekend's "Our Brand Is Crisis" (in which Bullock stars, Clooney produces, and David Gordon Green directs), is set to kick up a notch in the near future. A new "Ocean's Eleven" film is in the works, only this time, in line with the recent Hollywood gender-swapping trend, it's due to feature an all female line-up, with Bullock in the lead, and Gary Ross ("The Hunger Games," "Seabiscuit," "Pleasantville") directing.

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RetrospectRealm992d ago

WOW. Not digging this news at all. Is this going to be a new thing? Reboot good films with an all-female cast? First Ghostbusters and now this?

Thank god Soderbergh and Clooney have their hands in this though. That gives me a tiny bit of hope.

They should've just gave us what we wanted: OCEAN'S FOURTEEN.

-Foxtrot992d ago

Good grief what the hell are Hollywood playing at, did they not see the reaction to Ghostbusters.

They are using and exploiting gender for marketing

Ghostbusters, Oceans 11, Blade rumoured to star his daughter, League of Extraordinary Gentleman female centric

What's next

Germany7991d ago

Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket, both will feature a female squad in Vietnam.

Bathyj991d ago

Bathyj dislikes this.

It would be funnier if my avatar from N4G carried over to here.

Somebody991d ago

I'm sure they've seen the reaction to Ghostbusters but I don't think they see it as a backlash. They see the controversy as free publicity since social media can spread news faster and cheaper than traditional ad system can do. Plus it helps that they can easily shrug off the criticisms by calling the naysayers as "sexist misogynists."

Next would be everything they could lay their hands on. How about a Star Trek TV series reboot with an all female main crew/characters and male red shirts? Back To The Future 4 where we follow the adventures of Marty Mcfly's daughter as she travel across time to help oppressed women in history? Terminator series continuing with a female John Connor. Jurassic World sequels where we see an all female team, struggling to make their name in the STEM field and military, fighting an all male team of mercenaries and scientists who unleashed weaponized dinosaurs onto the world.

You can see an example, a preview to what Hollywood will turn out, to this by watching Japanese anime. There's so much shows with almost-all-female leads(at times there will be that one male character acting as the audience's avatar of sort) that's it's very overwhelming.

annoyedgamer991d ago

Don't forget that Captain America is now black and taking on racism, and Thor is a woman..

annoyedgamer991d ago

Blade is female now?! RIP any hopes I had for Wesley Snipes returning.

Stringerbell990d ago

Thor can be handed down, common knowledge in the comics. Thor isn’t worthy of his hammer anymore, so someone else takes on the mantle.

Thor, the man, will still be around, but in a different capacity, he won’t have his hammer, but he’ll still do superhero work.

As for Cap, he hasn't died in fact this isn't the first black Captain America either. More so he has passed on the shield multiples times in the comics, this is nothing new. Unless of course you were unaware of these things...

OJSoFunky992d ago

Very werid news, shows how uncreative Hollywood is getting.

dcbronco991d ago

That's the problem in a nutshell. They aren't the least bit creative. They do ten sequels of everything or remake everything. I stopped going to movies in the theater over ten years ago because of the lack of creativity. Stuff like this aren't going to win me back.

RetrospectRealm991d ago

I wouldn't call it uncreative since it's coming from the minds of Soderbergh and Clooney, who have every right to continue this universe. That's like saying a new Star Wars trilogy means Hollywood is uncreative. Now, rebooting Ghostbusters for no reason is uncreative.

dcbronco991d ago

It's the fourth or fifth sequel to a remake of an old movie. It's the definition of uncreative. I'm not saying they are uncreative people but Hollywood as an entity is uncreative. You can't get anything new greenlit. This would be a remake of a remake. And just to say, look we love women. When everyone knows Hollywood hates women. They pander to the lowest common denominator in humanity. Don't let the interracial couple kiss, no strong women, don't let those chicks hold hands. A bunch of cowards with far more money and power than talent.

OJSoFunky991d ago

I would argue this is exactly the same as rebooting Ghostbuster, i think its actually a worse idea than Ghostbusters

Lord_Sloth991d ago

.............................. ..Why?

annoyedgamer991d ago

cuz..progress and gender "equality" lol

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