100° Arrow "Beyond Redemption" Review: By Whatever Means
"Beyond Redemption" made me think of Season 1 a lot, particularly since it was prone to conversations about what the best way is to save Star City. A lot of that, then, was focused on vengeance and justice, and much of it never made complete sense in part because it tended to be grounded in a lot of hypocrisy on Oliver's part. His methods and his mission seemed at odds, an extension of the violence that he sought to stop, and that kickstarted Oliver's love of living in a glass house and throwing stones from it. It took a while for other characters to be in a place to call him on this habit, but more often than not, those characters were also making lousy decisions that Oliver, having 20/20 hindsight, wanted them to avoid so they didn't have to do what he did.

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alycakes995d ago

I thought bringing Sara back was the worst thing they could do but if it's bringing Constantine into the show, more power to them.

WizzroSupreme993d ago

Arrow is sure picking up. Keep it up, CW.