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100° Supernatural "Baby" Review: Home on Wheels
It should not have taken 11 seasons for us to get this episode. This episode was everything. This episode was divine. This episode was proof that the TV gods love us and want us to be happy.

"Baby" was the love letter to the Impala that Season 5's "Swan Song" almost was. Sure, Baby saved the world when Sam was possessed and Dean was ready to throw himself into the pit after him, and certainly, even before the apocalypse, we knew that Dean and Sam basically spent their formative years living in the car. The Impala's importance has never been in question, but that importance was cemented far before the army man Sam crammed in a backseat ashtray helped him ditch Lucifer— and "Baby" was a celebration of all of that. The Impala is home. The Impala is family. The Impala is everything.

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alycakes990d ago

Last night showed us a lighter side of the Winchesters and it was nice to see it for a change. They have such a hard time each week that sometimes you just have to smile and laugh about things.