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Entertainment Weekly | 'Our Brand Is Crisis' Review


For a movie about political messaging, Our Brand Is Crisis doesn’t know what it’s selling besides Sandra Bullock’s lusciously buttery dye job. Based on a 2005 documentary about a group of D.C. strategists who went to Bolivia to help get a long-shot candidate elected president, this blunt-edged satire blindly grasps for a tone that works and comes up short. Is it a Miss Congeniality Goes to La Paz bit of slapstick? The sight of Bullock pratfalling as she steps off a plane and mooning from a bus window points to yes. But wait, now she’s all business in black glasses, indicting political corruption with her staff (Zoe Kazan, Anthony Mackie, Ann Dowd, and Scoot McNairy, all overqualified).

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