Netflix Releases Killgrave Poster for ‘Jessica Jones’


Jessica Jones is set to release on Netflix in less than a month, and now the streaming service has released a new video poster of the villain known only as Killgrave.

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OJSoFunky777d ago

So ready for this show, excited to see Tennant as a villain, i'm used to seeing him as a good guy!

snowbearder777d ago

I'm pumped for it too. I only know a little about her from some of the comics and the dark tone to the show seems intense.

OJSoFunky777d ago

yeah i only know a few things also, ready to be completely surprised by it.

WizzroSupreme775d ago

This series is exactly the reason why I still have Netflix.

OJSoFunky775d ago

Its going to be something special i hope!