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AVClub: Somewhere along the line, Detective Officer Captain Lance went from going after those who were mobbed up to their eyeballs to being the man who was mobbed up his eyeballs. (Or possibly H.I.V.E.-d up to his eyeballs. Whatever he’s up to, it’s to his eyeballs, is the point.) The season-opening reveal of his alliance with Damien Darhk—and his at least tacit role in the execution of the rest of Star City’s remaining leadership—represented perhaps the most shocking betrayal in the show’s history, for this was supposed to be the one character who didn’t compromise in pursuit of justice. He always had his demons, to be sure, but when he stood in judgment of Oliver or Laurel, he almost always had at least a point. His turning on Team Arrow last year was brutal, sure, but it was also motivated in large part by the team’s decision to not tell him about the death of his daughter, so it’s hard to judge him too harshly for that.

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