The Good Wife "Taxed" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “We’re being taxed,” Alicia explains to her latest bond court client when she realizes Judge Schakowsky is punishing her. If there’s one lesson to be learned from the current season of The Good Wife, it’s that fairness is not something to be found in bond court. The Good Wife has always presented legal work as a high-stakes game in which every player plays by different rules. The law is never impersonal. Bond court presents a whole new set of rules and obstacles and players. It seems customary, for example, for bar attorneys to just straight up lie to their clients in bond court. But Alicia doesn’t stand for that, and when she sees it happening, she says something. She doesn’t understand the game of bond court, just like she doesn’t understand Perps By The Pound. She’s the rogue bar attorney of bond court. But she’s also learning she can’t be the bond court superhero she wants to be. “Taxed” drives that point home.

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