Wander Over Yonder "The Battle Royale" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I get it. I really do it get it. Beneath all his massive, high-octane bluster of pure evil and villainy, Hater is an impetuous whiner who wants to be loved. Yet Wander Over Yonder never really made it seem like Hater wanted to love–his previous attempts to woo a suitor (“The Date,” and to a lesser extent, “The Fancy Party”) were less about a desperate need to find a significant other so much as it was a hilarious showcase of his misguided, massive ego. His desire for a girlfriend stems from the same self-serving zeal as his desires for galactic conquest, respect, and Wander’s demise–these are just things that he thinks he should have, because he’s Lord Hater. “The Battle Royale” is sufficiently epic, a massive all-out brawl between every villain we’ve met so far (but no Star Bradlight?), culminating in an even more epic one-on-one fight between Hater and Dominator. The ultimate reveal that Dominator is a woman, and that Hater immediately falls head over heels in love with her, however, feels anti-climatic.

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