Red Oaks "Labor Day Luau" Review - AVClub

AVClub: We reach the end of Red Oaks’ run, an enjoyable show that was good but not great in part because it is capped off with a finale so very painfully on the nose. It’s all over David’s final conversation with Herb, who once again reiterates that David should not be a bean counter. We get it. Accounting is not the path for David. He wants more out of life. Shouldn’t he be able to make the decision for himself at some point, rather than have someone else constantly tell him? Red Oaks’ greatest asset was that it paid tribute to the films of the ’80s but swerved just enough so that it felt like something different, usually by exploring the sadness behind the hijinks and scrapes. Sam and Judy may fight but they aren’t just these bickering Jewish parents, the have real issues. Nash may be a kiss ass, but there’s this desire to join a class he’s not apart of, and never will be, behind it all. But “Labor Day Luau” did none of those things, never attempting to go deeper beyond the surface of what the movies it owes its existence to could have.

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