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80° The Flash "The Fury of Firestorm" Review
Here's basically where I fell on "The Fury of Firestorm":

Acceptable: King Shark showing up for 20 seconds to try and kill Barry when I thought we'd get some Grodd-esque build-up to King Shark's arrival (and teamed up with Grodd, maybe?).

Unacceptable: Francine has a child she's hidden from Joe and Iris for years, and now Iris wants to hide this factoid from Joe.

Now, admittedly, this says something about my priorities. I'm totally on board with a talking man-shark grabbing Barry but I'm balking at the "secret son" angle. They are apples and oranges, however. The former's just an excellent, unabashedly comic book-y indulgence, so what's not to love about The Flash, again, embracing this part of itself? It's arguably its best part. The latter, however, is bad melodrama.

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alycakes992d ago

This was an interesting one with Harrison Wells back and I'm not so sure that he's okay just because he's from another world.