‘Spotlight’ TV Spot Puts the Film on Your Oscar Radar


When people asked me the best film I saw at TIFF this year, I didn’t even hesitate: Spotlight. Tom McCarthy’s drama about the Boston Globe special report team that broke the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal is a masterful ode to shoe leather journalism. It’s a modern day All the President’s Men that celebrates print journalism rather than laments its demise. Packed with terrific performances from its outstanding cast, this is a movie you absolutely have to see when it opens near you.

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WizzroSupreme996d ago

Saw the trailer for this with Steve Jobs. Looks fantastic.

RetrospectRealm996d ago

It's not for everyone. It's very talky, like super talky. Wall to wall dialogue throughout. However, if you like Sorkin, you will love this film. The acting is definitely great too, particularly Fassbender and Winslet.