We Got This Covered | 'Spectre' Review

We Got This Covered

There are concepts regarding death and rebirth thrown around in Spectre, while the presence of Andrew Scott’s Orwell-admirer ‘C’ allows the film to ponder privacy in the modern world. Those are ideas never defined clearly or interestingly enough, but this product has such a fine surface sheen to it that Spectre winds up a no-brains-necessary way to pass two hours. The final half hour makes 30 minutes too many, but never let it be said that Mendes doesn’t direct the shit out of this madcap bit of fluff.

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WizzroSupreme940d ago

It's gonna be one wild November movie season.

RetrospectRealm940d ago

Why do you say that? Only 3 films coming out in November that will really make a lot of dough.