Top 10 Most Disappointing Moments In Star Wars

Geekly News Gazette goes over the top 10 most disappointing moments to happen to the Star Wars franchise

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RetrospectRealm872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

What a joke. Some Star Wars fan this author is. Dumb article.

Stringerbell872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

I cant think of that many fans that were happy to hear that 1313 was cancelled, the EU was thrown out, and the Clone Wars was cancelled.

I also dont beleive there are many fans that hold the holiday special, and the characterization of Anakin in the prequels in high regards.

OJSoFunky872d ago

Pretty good list of sad things, not sure if some of them are really that disappointing though.

warrendeath872d ago

I think some of these are. I guess it depends on the way you look at them. The prequels could fill ever spot but that would be far too easy.

OJSoFunky871d ago

Yeah i'm glad that he condensed them, and i totally agree with the 1313 game one, that would've been incredible.

sonicwrecks872d ago

I agree with 10, 9 and 3. The rest, eh, not so much.

warrendeath872d ago

Agree to disagree. I think there was good points throughout. If you weren't disappointed with number one, then it is hard to argue, as this is just difference of opinion.

Stringerbell872d ago

Throwing out the EU was a horrible idea. Some great stories there - Shadows, the Thrawn trilogy, the Golden Age of the Sith...

And the Ewoks ughhhhh. We're led to believe some of the most decorated Imperial soliders somehow arerouted by the teddy bears picnic brigade? Ignoring all the Rambo like antics the clone pulled in the prequels?

warrendeath872d ago

I agree. They should have just stayed with the Wookies fighting the Empire. That would have led to much better moments and ones that could have actually been explained.

OJSoFunky871d ago

I'm a proud defender of the Ewoks, i love them!