10 Gruesome Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend This Halloween


Never mind the arguments about money and having kids – the single most divisive issue in a relationship is what films to watch on Netflix. If she can make you sit through Girl Interrupted (“you’ll like it – it’s about a bunch of hot chicks, and they’re all mental!”), then the least she can do is sit still during The Thing From Another World.

Christian Nyby’s 1951 movie hasn’t aged well, and it had its thunder stolen by John Carpenter’s awesome 1982 remake, but it has never looked more dated than when viewed with a petulant girlfriend, who sniggers every time the man-in-a-suit monster puts in an appearance. Worst of all is the scene where the scientists deduce that the creature is an “intelligent carrot”, which prompts the quip, “What do they do, boil it to death?”

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WizzroSupreme994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

What do people do if they don't have a girlfriend? The scariest fear of all.

RetrospectRealm994d ago

What if my girlfriend doesn't like watching sucky movies like most of the ones on this list? Yeah, we'll stick to the classics.