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IGN The Big Bang Theory: "The Helium Insufficiency" Review

One of the more significant running storylines from The Big Bang Theory's eighth season involved Leonard and Sheldon collaborating on a breakthrough physics paper. As we learned in tonight's episode, the duo still have a long, uphill battle ahead of them before achieving true scientific acclaim. This episode offered a welcome change of pace in terms of shifting away from the relationship drama that's dominated the season so far and emphasizing the shenanigans at Caltech. At the same time, it still offered a little progress on the Sheldon/Amy front as the latter embraced her new life without the former.

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alycakes993d ago

For being so smart they sure are dumb but I guess that's what makes it funny sometimes.

WizzroSupreme991d ago

Amongst sure is whimsically archaic.

RetrospectRealm991d ago

Michael Rapaport is the man! I'm hoping he appears in many more episodes in the time to come.