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IGN Blindspot: "Cede Your Soul" Review

This week's Blindspot wasn't the best, but it was a notable step up from the last couple of episodes. The nice thing about "Cede Your Soul" was that it wasn't just about the team tracking down terrorists and stopping them from doing something potentially world-ending. I mean, it was partly that, but mainly it was about a new hacker character, Ana Montes (Aimee Carrero), who the FBI thought was an evil cybercriminal but was actually a misguided wunderkind.

For some reason, Blindspot's most interesting characters are always the minor ones, including Ana this week. Her first one-on-one scene with Zapata gave us a good sense of her character and moxie -- like when she pretended not to know Spanish, for instance. She also had a fun "hacker" rapport with Patterson, as she criticized the the FBI's standard procedure for hacking -- although I loved the moment when Ana confessed that Patterson's 9-1-1 reroute was "kinda cool."

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alycakes994d ago

This is getting better and better every week. We still don't know exactly what happened to Jane but we do know she was part of a secret covert mission that went really wrong and now she's seems to be the only one alive and doesn't remember anything about it but the two people that do know about it that were in wants her dead and the other still is on the fence about it.