The Walking Dead: “Thank You” – Top 4 Most Impactful Scenes

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Spoilers for the episode will be present, so proceed at your own risk.

The third episode of The Walking Dead’s sixth season has aired, so it’s time to highlight the most impactful scenes from it. The episode is titled, “Thank You”, and it is gut wrenching to say the least, or is it? I’ll leave the fan theories for you to sift through.

In total there were four impactful scenes spread throughout episode three, so head on down below to see which ones I considered to be the most impactful to be featured."

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WizzroSupreme996d ago

Thank you, Walking Dead for the memories. Thank you.

RetrospectRealm995d ago

Most lists count like the top most impactful scenes in all the Star Wars saga. Now people make most impactful scenes for a 40 minute TV episode?