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How Jared Leto Compares To The Other Jokers In The Pack

WOW247: "Whether you love or hate the new look Joker, there’s no doubt it will become embedded in pop culture.

"But just how does it compare to previous screen incarnations of the iconic villain?"

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RetrospectRealm991d ago

A little early to compare him isn't it?

Porcelain_Chicken991d ago

Ha! I've heard people say he is already a failure because they don't like his outfit. I've heard others say he will be better than any other Joker that's come before just because. Don't underestimate the casual moviegoer from making an ass out of themselves this early on. Just look at all the Heath Ledger haters.

WizzroSupreme991d ago

He'll probably be the most savage Joker yet, and that's for the best if Batffleck's Batman is going to be The Dark Knight Returns version.

RetrospectRealm990d ago

How can he be more savage than Ledger? I would assume Ledger's Joker is just as savage as Leto's.