Why Spider-Man Should Get His Own Netflix Show Before Joining The MCU


The Internet lost its collective mind earlier this year when Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures announced a new alliance, finally bringing your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man into the larger MCU family. This is fairly exciting news. As fun as it’s been to watch how the world of The Avengers has unfolded over the past seven years, the absence of Spider-Man within the Avengers team has been felt by fans the world over – especially in the face of Sony’s recent attempts to reboot the character with the now-canned Amazing Spider-Man series.

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RetrospectRealm940d ago

Not sure what the point of this article even is. He's joining next May. No way they're cranking out a whole series before then.

WizzroSupreme939d ago

He really should, but he won't.

RetrospectRealm939d ago

He won't because he shouldn't. The money is in the theaters for such a big character like him, not on Netflix. He's top 3 heroes of all time. It only makes sense to put him on film.

StarWarsFan939d ago

I think they need to straighten out the whole film franchise before anything on TV.

OJSoFunky939d ago

A netflix show would be great, be a awesome film is also fine with me!

Soldierone939d ago

I would only agree if it meant we can skip the damn origin story. As a Spider-Man fan I'm sick of hearing about it. We get it, we get how he becomes Spider-Man, MOVE ON.

That being said I'd think other characters in the universe would be good for a TV show that intertwines with the main movies. Agent Venom, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Gwen, MJ, Black Cat.... there are all kinds of characters in the Spider-Man world that can carry themselves. It's a shame Sony is so stuck on the origin story that we don't even get hints of them.