TVEnthusiast's Top 10 Tuesday - Horror Movies That Would Make Great TV Shows

Horror is in right now, and not just because Halloween is almost upon us. Over the last 10 years or so, horror films have been increasing production year over year. It isn’t just films either, horror has found a strong new home on TV thanks to mega hits like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. There is yet another trend has been occurring with horror on TV, remakes, prequels, and continuations of classic horror films. Bates Motel acts as a prequel to Psycho, MTV’s Scream is a remake of the classic Wes Craven (RIP) movies, and most exciting of all, this Saturday is the debut of Ash vs Evil Dead, the continuation of the Evil Dead movies. As such, and with Halloween just around the corner, this week’s Top 10 Tuesday focuses on movies that would make great TV shows.

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WizzroSupreme966d ago

I always thought that the Rocky Horror Picture show would make a great VOD miniseries.